Far From Folsom

Far From Folsom – Featuring Tex Perkins and The Tennessee Four with Rachael Tidd


Seminal musician Tex Perkins returns with an exciting new show about the music –the man, and legend – behind Johnny Cash. Teaming up with the Tennessee Four with Rachel Tidd, the Far From Folsom tour will hit the road in October. This tour will see Tex and his band perform in unique and unusual venues, some of Australia’s most well-known prisons; and the shows are open to the music-loving public.

Far From Folsom embodies Johnny Cash’s legendary performances recorded at Folsom and San Quentin prisons in the late 1960s. Tex’s incantation of the show launched as a one-off performance in The Old Parramatta Gaol last year, to incredible success. From what was planned as one show, Tex and his band ended up selling- out three nights in a row with more than 7000 tickets bought within hours of going on sale; and there was high demand for even more. Taking his Far From Folsom on the road was a natural progression.

Johnny Cash’s concerts in Folsom and San Quentin prisons are nothing short of legendary, and make a big part of the life story of the incredible musician. The performances resulted in albums which not only became classics, but also brought his music to a whole new demographic of music fans. His humour, humanity and grit instantly built a bridge between music genres, between prisoners, preachers and presidents alike, and earned him the love and loyalty of generations of fans. He paved a journey that made his music timeless and still sees it garnering new fans, even since his death.


Far From Folsom takes a fast-paced, rollicking rock n’ roll journey to the heart of Johnny Cash’s music. With some of his best-loved songs and music from the prison performances, the Far From Folsom tour will embrace Tex Perkins’ reverence for this incredible musician’s career. Well-known for his impressive embodiment of Cash’s work, there are few artists within Australia who can translate the work of ‘the man in black’ and bring it to modern day.


Tex Perkins needs no introduction to Australian audiences, he is a legend within the Aussie music industry and is revered as one of the country’s rock n’ roll outlaws. It is said his affinity with Johnny Cash started in his earliest band and is an enthusiasm he hasn’t relinquished. After fronting The Cruel Sea, Beasts of Bourbon and touring with Tex, Don and Charlie and The Dark Horses, Tex Perkins has had an incredible and varied music career. With numerable albums and awards under his belt, he is dipping back into his past with a meaner, leaner and turbo-charged take on Johnny Cash’s time behind bars.


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