Tex, Don and Charlie

Tex, Don and Charlie is an Australian super group formed by Tex Perkins, Don Walker from Cold Chisel and widely respected guitarist Charlie Owen. Their first album Sad But True was released in 1993. Their potent, distinctively Australian country-blues cocktail matured on stage, as faithfully reflected in their heady live album of ’95, Monday Morning Coming Down.

The band was founded in 1992 as Tex Perkins relates: “I saw Charlie and thought “Jesus Christ”. He was easily the best rock guitar player I had seen. He was really dexterous, but gutsy. Not flashy. I think it had a lot of jazz in him as well. I made a mental note that I’d like to work with Charlie and about I year later I heard he was playing with Don Walker in Catfish. Then somebody suggested I do something with Don Walker and I said “Sure, as long as Charlie Owen is there”.”