Tex Perkins and Murray PatersonTEX Perkins unites with his songwriting colleague Murray Paterson.

The pair co-scored the soundtrack for the film Beautiful Kate, the directorial feature debut from actor Rachel Ward, which saw Perkins receive an ARIA nomination in 2009 for Best Original Soundtrack/Cast/Show Album for the soundtrack.

Paterson also contributed significantly to 2011 self-titled release Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses and to Everyone’s Alone in 2012, so it was a no brainer for them to come up with plan to work together live on stage given their successful union in the studio.


Murray Paterson is an Australian songwriter and musician most notable for his collaborations with Tex. Among his compositions are: Fine Mess and Ice in the Sun from the Tex Perkins album Dark Horses; Lucid, Midnight Sunshine and A Name on Every One from the Horses’ Sweet Nothing; and Paycheques and Someday I’ll Forget from the Tex, Don and Charlie album All is Forgiven.

Two of Australia’s premier songwriters tell their stories and share their compositions together in intimate concerts.